What makes Tacara Belgian Tervuren special?

Here are just a few reasons why Tacara Belgian Tervuren are special:
Tacara Belgian Tervuren are an integral part of the family, they experience on-going socialization, receive gentle consistent nurturing, learn early manners, have a positive learning environment, are temperament pattern evaluated, have healthy pedigrees, are exposed to other animal species, receive live in veterinary care,"and benefit greatly from the application of over 60 years of combined accumulated knowledge in the raising, evaluating and training of dogs and pups.

Part of the Family
Tacara Belgian Tervuren puppies are raised underfoot with our family of eight. They grow up in the living area of our home. From the beginning they are exposed to family life: kitchen sounds, kid games, and the noises of being part of a large active family. The pups are gently handled by our six live in children who have been trained to handle young pups in the manner appropriate to the pups "current" age.

Radios do NOT raise Tacara Belgian Tervuren pups!
Our pups are not left at home while all husband and wife are away from home forty plus hours a week. The kids are not away at school all day either. We home school and make the pups an integral part of our school days. The pups do not get our left over energy after nine hours away from home. Everyday is full of gentle, nurturing interactions as our family takes part in the daily growth of each pup.
How are Tacara Belgian Tervuren Nurtured?
They are encouraged to love life, take joy in learning new things, are exposed to incrementally growing challenges, experience lots of snuggling and cuddling, they find pleasure in grooming and training interactions. They happily learn good manners and positive ways to interact in the process of growing up to meet you. Our goal is to help each pup to see people as consistent, dependable, available and pleasant to be around.
Tacara Belgian Tervuren Socialization is Ongoing from Birth
Tacara Belgian Tervuren socialization is ongoing from birth---until you welcome your pup into your home. Each of our six children has a pup they call their "own to raise" from every litter. The child spends special time with their pup as the pup learns about people in a positive one on one way. This relationship will continue until the pup is old enough to leave Tacara. As the pup becomes ready to experience more and to learn more the exposure to people is broadened to include aspiring veterinarians, retired friends, dog breeders, dog trainers, relatives and many other dog lovers. In addition to the usual everyday interactions the pups have scheduled "training" times each weekday. The helpers work with each individual pup away from the sight and sound of the rest of the litter.
Early Training at Tacara Belgian Tervuren
The teaching the pups receive is dependent on their age and individual strengths and proclivity. Because I am a firm believer in mental rapport, 98% of the work and conditioning done with the pups is done off lead so that mental rapport is developed even though each of the people working with the pups has their own individual training nuances. The trainers work from a list that is tailored to the pups current age and abilities. The training agenda encourages growth and notes natural aptitude in each individual puppy. The plethora of people that interact with Tacara pups insure that the puppy will learn to understand the objectives from a variety of people each with their own nuances in the way they teach. This makes the transfer from us to you very smooth because the pups have not learned the idiosyncrasies of just two or three people. The pups have learned to understand "how to learn" and try to do what is expected of them from all the different trainers.
Manners from the Start.
Good manners mean more opportunities for you and your pup. Tacara Belgian Tervuren encourages behaviors that make excellent adult dogs and discourages behaviors that would cause others not to want to be around your dog. Most people would not consider letting a child do whatever they wanted with no direction until three years old and then suddenly start slapping down rules. Tacara believes in encouraging the behaviors that will make your puppy enjoyed by visitors in your home as well as welcome in the homes of your friends. Our idea of manners from the start is based on the idea that a Tervuren should be a pleasure to live with, dogs are eager to please, if you will only show them what you expect. Our neighbors and friends welcome our pups on their " practicing manners visits" because the pups are enjoyable to be around.
Temperament Tests at Tacara Belgian Tervuren
There is no temperament test at Tacara! We are firm believers that a one time evaluation can be very misleading! From five weeks on Tacara pups are evaluated in many different areas, we have used tests from many different sources as well as developed many of our own, some that are Tervuren specific. Our older children and the other people that work with the pups keep written evaluations on how each pup learned and responded each time they are worked with. By closely following a pup's mental and physical development a pattern will emerge. The pattern and consistency the puppy exhibits over a period of time we have found to be much more informative than testing once or twice.

Tacara Belgian Tervuren Environment
The Tacara Belgian Tervuren environment is full of opportunities for the pups as they mature from newborns to the healthy and happy pup that is ready to share your life. The environment includes a plethora of people of all ages and varying abilities with dogs. Exposure to a wide variety of different sights, sounds, textures, noises and smells abound. A very large outdoor puppy play pen is filled with stimulating toys and puppy friendly agility equipment. The pups have their own tunnels, seesaw, slant boards, tires, ladder and many more fun obstacles. The puppy play area is purposely nestled between a seasonally well attended swimming pool on the north and on the south a busy driveway with lots of cars, skateboards, bicycles, unicycles, scooters and the like coming and going.
Other Pets at Tacara Belgian Tervuren
Tacara Belgian Tervuren pups share their home with the numerous pets one might expect to live with a veterinarian and his family. We have quite easily accumulated rabbits, rats, cats, a chinchilla, an African frog, doves, ducks, cocketails, chickens, guinea hens and snakes.
Tacara Belgian Tervuren Pedigrees
All dogs in Tacara pedigrees are CERF'd annually, have official OFA hip and elbow numbers. Dogs with the Tacara prefix in our pedigrees have not seizured nor do they have a littermate that has seizured.
Tacara Belgian Tervuren Veterinary Care
Tacara Belgian Tervuren pups are under the watchful eye of their own live in veterinarian. They are fed an excellent diet, given weekly physicals, current on worming, up to date on vaccines, started on heartworm prevention when the correct age. Dr. Newsome is an excellent surgeon and can spay a female pup skin to skin in less than five minutes with an incision shorter than the length of a dime. A quick efficient surgery greatly improves the speed of recovery and decreases the chances of infection. A short surgery also significantly lessens the amount of time the pup is under anesthesia. All of our companion and working pups are spayed and neutered before they leave Tacara. Early spay and neuters are recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Welcoming a Tacara Belgian Tervuren into Your Home
Last but not at all the least - you are what completes the circle to make Tacara Belgian Tervuren special. When you welcome a lovingly raised, trained and nurtured Tacara Belgian Tervuren into your home as a cherished family member or a dependable working dog you have made all the work worthwhile.

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